How is the migraine

                    How is the migraine

How is the migraine
The Migraine is a primary headache frequent and incapacitating. It is characterized by recurrent episodes of headache associated with a variable combination of neurological, emotional, autosomal and gastrointestinal symptoms. A migraine is a highly prevalent disease. It is common to family tendency, being a disorder that appears in young people. It is three times more common in women than in men, even before puberty there are no differences in gender distribution. The attack of migraine can be divided into different phases, which are not always present in all patients or all attacks in the same patient.


  1. Prodrome phase : precedes hours or days the onset of aura or headache. They are vague and nonspecific symptoms, requiring the interrogation conducted to detect them. Among the most frequent are: apathy, fatigue, yawning, irritability and depressive symptoms.

  2. The desire to eat a certain type of food is also common. Also occur in migraine with and without aura.

  3. The typical aura is defined by reversible neurological symptoms that accompany the pain and characterized by its slow and gradual development. The most common is the visual.

  4. The pain is one-sided throbbing character and increases with physical activity is moderate to severe character. It is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, anorexia .

  5. Phase migraine recovery : duration varies from hours to days. In most cases no treatment effective pain decreases gradually over a period of hours. In some cases, it disappears when sleeping or when vomiting, as previously mentioned.

  6. With migraine may occur symptoms of irritability variables, change in ability to concentrate, hypersensitivity to touch the scalp and depressive symptoms or, conversely, symptoms of euphoria, weakness or muscle pain, anorexia or anxiety by eating.

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How to apply compresses the body

  How to apply compresses the body

How to apply compresses the body
The packs are pieces of fabric that form part of the healing. There are different types of dressings , but whatever the used should not have sheaths or folds which could damage the part affected body . The entire compresses or quadrangular can be simply applied or bent several times, usually four, or may be superposed several simple. The pads are graded they are often folded on themselves, forming a grid, to exert good compression. The pads can be cut in different ways, depending on the zone in which they are to be applied. They are applied in recent inflammation, sprains or when the person has a fever. Its function is to stimulate circulation, activate the digestive functions when applied after meals, and relieve the brain, why are of special interest to people nervous. Moreover, if applied to the heart or spine exerts a soothing effect. In this article we tell you how to apply compresses in different parts of the body

  • Compresses the head

    When a person presents feverish conditions or congestion while taking a steam bath, it is interesting to clear your head. For this, one must take a napkin and soaked it with cold or lukewarm water, depending on what the patient wants. When the napkin is well soaked must surround the head of the sick person, as if you put a turban. One must leave the pad to act for a few minutes and go changing it cools. When finished, it should be dry and the scalp. But if you want, you can also replace the pad by cold lotions on the forehead, neck and face.

  • Compresses the chest should be applied very similarly to stimulating compresses. But it can also be used a wet towel or a napkin folded several times, starting in the back and crossing a cable to the bottom of the left arm and the other on to the right arm; so that on his chest there is double-width pad.
  • Compresses the stomach and womb

    Stomach and womb compresses the serve to activate the digestive functions , the urinary tract and sexual glands. But also indicated in the stomach ulcers and in the slow digestion and for disorders of the gall bladder and intestinal cramps. They are also effective in lowering fever. Are pads which must be renewed often, approximately every 10 minutes. To apply them must pass under the back covering flannel folded several times, trying to have enough length so you can cross well above the stomach area to the side. It should unfold the ends of the pad and applying it moist on the stomach, and then cover it with the ends, causing intersect. This type of packs may be applied to both cold and hot, with or without vinegar.
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    Home remedies for headache

                   Home remedies for headache


    Home remedies for headache
    The headache is a common suffering that usually appears especially in stressful situations in hot weather or after a bad night's sleep. There are many types of headaches with different causes, so when you have frequent form is necessary to go to a doctor to find out the origin of this suffering and treat it appropriately. Meanwhile, in umComo.com.br we give you some home remedies for headache very effective.


    1. One of the home remedies for headache most classic and economical is to apply a cold compress on the area that bothers us. You can opt for a full ice pack wrapped in tissue or a compress of cold gel.
      Lie in bed and apply the cold in the affected area for 20 minutes. It is recommended that in a quiet environment and preferably in low light.
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    2. Another very effective natural solution is to apply cold compresses of chamomile infusion in the affected region. This plant acts as a good anti-inflammatory and sedative, improving disturbances.
      It is recommended to apply an intense and cold infusion, let the compress for 20 minutes, take a 10 minute break and repeat again for another 20 minutes. You can also drink three daily cups of chamomile to improve your overall health and relieve the headache.
    3. The lavender oil is one of the home remedies for more effective headache, because it is an essence that gives off an aroma with relaxing properties, perfect for treating the pain of tension head .
      Only need to mix 4 drops of lavender oil to any unscented massage oil, or other natural products such as olive oil or almond oil. Massage region with this mixture for 10 minutes and notice relief.
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    4. And following in the proposed natural oils, the mint is very effective. You can add 4 drops in a cloth dampened with cold water and apply on the aching head region for 10 minutes or massage the same way as we indicated to you in the previous step with lavender oil.
      Mint is an excellent vasodilator that works very effective for treating such conditions.
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    5. The apple cider vinegar is a popular home remedy to relieve the headache that can be taken orally or applied to compress. If you prefer to take it, just mix two tablespoons in a glass of water and drink.
      Topically, soak a compress in cold water and add a little apple cider vinegar. Let the affected area for 10 minutes.
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    6. Among the home remedies for headache can not ignore several excellent infusions that will help you do away with disturbances. Some of the most prominent are:
      • Ginger infusion , which thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties it operates effectively and quickly.
      • Lemon tea.
      • Mint tea, as well as the oil is effective, consuming this infusion orally also helps reduce the headache.
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    How to relieve the headache in pregnancy

                 How to relieve the headache in pregnancy 

    How to relieve the headache in pregnancy
    Suffer from headaches during pregnancy is the most common disease, particularly among those women prone to suffer from migraine or headache. Especially during the first few months of pregnancy, women suffer a number of hormonal changes in the circulatory and digestive systems that favor the emergence of pain in both sides of the head. These pain usually do not occur in all pregnant women, however, if positive, one should treat them with natural methods, since most drugs is restricted. Continue reading this umComo article and discover how to relieve the headache in pregnancy .


    1. The increase in headache during pregnancy can be due to many causes, including hormonal changes, lack of sleep, general fatigue, stress, and even dehydration and starvation. Although this disease usually occurs in the early months of pregnancy, many women continue to suffer its effects until the baby is born. Each case is unique and depending on the other symptoms the reasons for the pain can be different.

    2. There are different types of headaches that are classified according to the intensity and the affected area. Among all, the most common are migraine or headache, and tension headache . Women with a tendency to suffer from any of them have great possibilities of pain is more intense during pregnancy. The migraine or headache is characterized by producing frequent episodes of intense pain in one part or in whole head and can be accompanied by nausea and difficulty tolerating light and noise. The tension headache, in turn, occurs on both sides of the head or neck and is usually lighter than the previous one.

    3. If you suffer from tension headache in pregnancy can relieve it with paracetamol , the only medication prescribed for this purpose that can be swallowed. You should consult your doctor about the recommended amount of paracetamol before eating it. If you suffer from migraines or headaches, this medicine hardly reduce the pain.
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    4. As food and water shortages are two of the most common causes of headache in pregnancy should be observed first. During the period of pregnancy, it is recommended drink four to five daily meals in order to avoid lack of sugar, feeling of hunger, and thus the headache. In addition, one should avoid a number of foods which can produce discomfort. See our article on foods that should be avoided during pregnancy . Remember that hydration is critical not only to relieve the headaches, but also to keep in good condition their health and that of your baby, the most recommended drinking 2-3 liters and a half .

    5. A very effective home remedy to relieve headaches in pregnancy is the use of cold compresses or cloths . To apply them, moisten the swab or cloth in cold water and place over the area of the head that is aching. Another option is to combine them with warm compresses, leaving them for 10 minutes and then applying cold. Moreover, cold water baths also generally be very effective, especially in cases of migraine or headache. Let the cold water fall abundantly on his head and watch as the pain decreases. Do not use dryer to dry your hair then because the pain will return.

    6. If pain persists despite the use of the above drugs, the best way to relieve it is resting in a room completely dark and without any noise . Doctors recommend lie down on the left side, to promote blood circulation.

    7. Exercise constantly reduces the number of episodes of headaches. During pregnancy, avoid them completely is very complicated but we can reduce them. Especially when the cause of pain is stress, beyond the changes brought about by pregnancy, physical activity is highly beneficial to combat it and thus relieve the headache. See our article on how to exercise during pregnancy .

    8. Finally, there is the use of massage to relieve headaches in pregnancy. Especially if you suffer from tension headache, massaging the points where the pain is concentrated and gently press on them can reduce it considerably. Also, you can gently massage your head while washing the hair with cold water. If after following all these advice, the pain still intense and frequent, do not hesitate to consult your doctor to be examined and receive the most appropriate prescription.
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    How to relieve migraines naturally

    How to relieve migraines naturally

    How to relieve migraines naturally
    Migraine or headache is an ailment characterized by an intense headache that can let the person out of play, preventing perform their daily activities normally. If you suffer from headaches, there are many recommendations that you should take into account to reduce the frequency of episodes and lead a healthier life; in umComo.com.br give some alternatives to pharmaceutical treatments, discover how to relieve migraine naturally .


    1. The tension, noise or bright light are factors that can cause migraines further deterioration. So one of the best remedies is to lie down in a dark, quiet room. However, meditation is much more effective because this practice causes the voltage levels from driving down significantly, benefiting the body and helping to relieve the headache .

    2. Caffeine is a good vasodilator, so many tablets for headache include it among their ingredients. A cup of strong coffee may help relieve migraines naturally, however, it is essential not to use sugar as it is one of the foods that can accentuate the headache.

    3. In health food stores can get a good range of medicinal herbs to relieve the headache . Mint is one of the most suitable because it is very effective in combating muscle spasms. However, the relaxed type herbs such as lemon balm or valerian are effective due to their ability to decrease the tension and calm, which in turn relieves headache. The best way to eat them is in a very strong infusion.

    4. The cold and hot packs are a good natural remedy to relieve migraines. Apply a compress for 10 minutes of hot water in areas with pain, this will help to relax the muscles, soothing the area. Then apply a cold compress to improve circulation and blood flow. Two simple aids that will make you feel better.

    5. If you suffer from frequent migraines, it is important to know: the lifestyle is very important. Is not enough to administer drugs or resort to home remedies, prevention is very important to avoid splitting headache. Therefore, you must know how to eat to prevent migraine and avoid those foods that can set off an episode.

    6. Remember that a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition is the best way to prevent headaches. Likewise it is very important to visit your doctor if you suffer from migraines frequently, an expert can do a complete review and determine what the best treatment for you.

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    How to relieve naturally headache

    How to relieve naturally headache

    How to relieve naturally headache
    Everyone has felt ever a headache that ended his willingness to do anything. There are many types of headache , but no matter: what we want is a solution to end it, and just generally taking any painkiller. But more and more people seek a natural solution to cure diseases, and if that is the case, in umComo.com.br explain how to relieve the headache naturally and without medication.

    1. Ginger is an excellent natural remedy for many ailments , including headache. A good way to consume it is through an infusion. You just have to boil water with several pieces of ginger for a few minutes until she get the taste of this root, and then take one or two cups of infusion. Its anti-inflammatory power will help relieve headache naturally .

    2. The mint essential oil is also often used to alleviate headache due to its natural shape blowing power. On a wet cloth with cold water from dripping several drops of this oil and place it on your forehead for 10 minutes. Try to relax and wait for a while until the natural remedy to take effect.

    3.  If you like aromatherapy, it's likely you have at home lavender oil because it is one of the best known relaxing. It serves not only to relax and promote sleep, but it also helps relieve headache naturally . You can put some drops of lavender oil on painful area and massage gently, put a few drops in the bath and take a relaxing bath, or a breath of her scent in a handkerchief.

    4. Another natural remedy to relieve the headache, which moreover is very simple to use, is the nutmeg . Take half a teaspoon of nutmeg, mix with a little water to form a dough and apply on your forehead for half an hour. Its aroma help relieve the headache.
      You can also make this home remedy with cinnamon, following the same instructions.
    5. The infusions of willow leaves are one of the most popular and ancient remedies to relieve headache naturally. It is recommended to drink one or two cups of this drink to ease the pain. If you suffer from headaches frequently, you may take a daily cup. It's easy to get this infusion in natural food stores.
    6. One of the most frequent causes of headache, especially in months of heat, is the lack of hydration . Drinking water is essential to avoid the headache, so we recommend consuming at least a half liters of water a day. Take two glasses of water and wait to see if your headache decreases; if this happens it is recommended to drink more liquid, through infusions, juices or water simply.

    7. If you have the possibility to lie down and rest for a while , do not hesitate to do it, especially if the cause of headache is stress. Another way to relieve this type of pain is getting a good massage the neck and temples to decrease tension.

    8. If the headaches are very common, we recommend consulting a doctor for a complete overhaul in order to detect the cause of the pain.

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