How to prevent headache in summer

How to prevent headache in summer
The headaches , migraines and other headache increase in the summer due to a lot of factors: the heat , the change of biological rhythms , changes in body temperature , etc. Those people likely to suffer from this condition should take precautions to prevent the summer temperature becomes unbearable. UmComo.com.br this article we explain you some advice on how to prevent headache in summer .


  1. One of the factors that most affect the headaches in the summer are the high temperatures themselves this time of year . Thus, we need resguardarmo us heat, both on the street as keeping the house cool . As for the clothes for the summer, it is recommended wide and clear parts , since the dark tones concentrate more heat.

  2. Furthermore, we should avoid long exposure to the sun and take appropriate measures in time to go to the beach, a walk, etc., in addition to using sunscreen, hats and look for shadows.

  3. On the other hand, to prevent headache in summer, we have to try not too modify our biological rhythms . But the truth is that often we put aside the routine and own habits of working hours, but we should keep some fixed times, and for the wake up, eat and go to sleep. That pales in and rise up later will increase the possibility of suffering these conditions.

  4. Similarly, we need to adapt our power to see to thus prevent headaches and migraines, opting for lighter fare and avoiding some foods that may increase the headaches, such as sausages.

  5. To avoid the headache in the summer, we also avoid or reduce the intake of alcohol , as well as exciting drinks. Proper hydration, drinking at least 2 liters of water daily will help to prevent it hurts in the head or suffer from dehydration .

  6. Often wet the forehead and the neck is another small actions we can take to prevent headache heat. Avoid sudden changes in temperature will also be beneficial.

  7. In the case of those most likely to suffer from severe headaches should always walk with the drugs that the doctor has prescribed them to cases where it is not possible to prevent the headache in the summer.

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