How to apply compresses the body

  How to apply compresses the body

How to apply compresses the body
The packs are pieces of fabric that form part of the healing. There are different types of dressings , but whatever the used should not have sheaths or folds which could damage the part affected body . The entire compresses or quadrangular can be simply applied or bent several times, usually four, or may be superposed several simple. The pads are graded they are often folded on themselves, forming a grid, to exert good compression. The pads can be cut in different ways, depending on the zone in which they are to be applied. They are applied in recent inflammation, sprains or when the person has a fever. Its function is to stimulate circulation, activate the digestive functions when applied after meals, and relieve the brain, why are of special interest to people nervous. Moreover, if applied to the heart or spine exerts a soothing effect. In this article we tell you how to apply compresses in different parts of the body

  • Compresses the head

    When a person presents feverish conditions or congestion while taking a steam bath, it is interesting to clear your head. For this, one must take a napkin and soaked it with cold or lukewarm water, depending on what the patient wants. When the napkin is well soaked must surround the head of the sick person, as if you put a turban. One must leave the pad to act for a few minutes and go changing it cools. When finished, it should be dry and the scalp. But if you want, you can also replace the pad by cold lotions on the forehead, neck and face.

  • Compresses the chest should be applied very similarly to stimulating compresses. But it can also be used a wet towel or a napkin folded several times, starting in the back and crossing a cable to the bottom of the left arm and the other on to the right arm; so that on his chest there is double-width pad.
  • Compresses the stomach and womb

    Stomach and womb compresses the serve to activate the digestive functions , the urinary tract and sexual glands. But also indicated in the stomach ulcers and in the slow digestion and for disorders of the gall bladder and intestinal cramps. They are also effective in lowering fever. Are pads which must be renewed often, approximately every 10 minutes. To apply them must pass under the back covering flannel folded several times, trying to have enough length so you can cross well above the stomach area to the side. It should unfold the ends of the pad and applying it moist on the stomach, and then cover it with the ends, causing intersect. This type of packs may be applied to both cold and hot, with or without vinegar.
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