How to relieve naturally headache

How to relieve naturally headache

How to relieve naturally headache
Everyone has felt ever a headache that ended his willingness to do anything. There are many types of headache , but no matter: what we want is a solution to end it, and just generally taking any painkiller. But more and more people seek a natural solution to cure diseases, and if that is the case, in umComo.com.br explain how to relieve the headache naturally and without medication.

  1. Ginger is an excellent natural remedy for many ailments , including headache. A good way to consume it is through an infusion. You just have to boil water with several pieces of ginger for a few minutes until she get the taste of this root, and then take one or two cups of infusion. Its anti-inflammatory power will help relieve headache naturally .

  2. The mint essential oil is also often used to alleviate headache due to its natural shape blowing power. On a wet cloth with cold water from dripping several drops of this oil and place it on your forehead for 10 minutes. Try to relax and wait for a while until the natural remedy to take effect.

  3.  If you like aromatherapy, it's likely you have at home lavender oil because it is one of the best known relaxing. It serves not only to relax and promote sleep, but it also helps relieve headache naturally . You can put some drops of lavender oil on painful area and massage gently, put a few drops in the bath and take a relaxing bath, or a breath of her scent in a handkerchief.

  4. Another natural remedy to relieve the headache, which moreover is very simple to use, is the nutmeg . Take half a teaspoon of nutmeg, mix with a little water to form a dough and apply on your forehead for half an hour. Its aroma help relieve the headache.
    You can also make this home remedy with cinnamon, following the same instructions.
  5. The infusions of willow leaves are one of the most popular and ancient remedies to relieve headache naturally. It is recommended to drink one or two cups of this drink to ease the pain. If you suffer from headaches frequently, you may take a daily cup. It's easy to get this infusion in natural food stores.
  6. One of the most frequent causes of headache, especially in months of heat, is the lack of hydration . Drinking water is essential to avoid the headache, so we recommend consuming at least a half liters of water a day. Take two glasses of water and wait to see if your headache decreases; if this happens it is recommended to drink more liquid, through infusions, juices or water simply.

  7. If you have the possibility to lie down and rest for a while , do not hesitate to do it, especially if the cause of headache is stress. Another way to relieve this type of pain is getting a good massage the neck and temples to decrease tension.

  8. If the headaches are very common, we recommend consulting a doctor for a complete overhaul in order to detect the cause of the pain.

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