See 3 simple and natural ways to ease a headache

See 3 simple and natural ways to ease a headache

Is very rare to find someone who does not feel headaches constantly. Therefore, the site FitSugar listed three easy and natural ways to ease the inconvenience. See:

1. Set the diet: the headache appear, consider consuming certain foods instead of taking a drug. The potato, for example, has the power to alleviate the headache because it has high level of potassium. Since the banana is rich in magnesium, have calming effect. If dehydration may be the reason for pain, try a slice of watermelon or cucumber.

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2. soften any muscular tension: headaches are often the result and stress may be caused by contracted muscles in the upper body. If this seems a likely reason for its nuisance, a stretching session can help. A massage would be ideal for short and medium-term benefits.

3. Prioritize hydration: it is known that most people do not moisturize as it should and this can be one of the main reasons of headaches. If this can be the case, drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep the body in good working order. If you need a express hydration, bet on coconut water.

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