How is the migraine

                    How is the migraine

How is the migraine
The Migraine is a primary headache frequent and incapacitating. It is characterized by recurrent episodes of headache associated with a variable combination of neurological, emotional, autosomal and gastrointestinal symptoms. A migraine is a highly prevalent disease. It is common to family tendency, being a disorder that appears in young people. It is three times more common in women than in men, even before puberty there are no differences in gender distribution. The attack of migraine can be divided into different phases, which are not always present in all patients or all attacks in the same patient.


  1. Prodrome phase : precedes hours or days the onset of aura or headache. They are vague and nonspecific symptoms, requiring the interrogation conducted to detect them. Among the most frequent are: apathy, fatigue, yawning, irritability and depressive symptoms.

  2. The desire to eat a certain type of food is also common. Also occur in migraine with and without aura.

  3. The typical aura is defined by reversible neurological symptoms that accompany the pain and characterized by its slow and gradual development. The most common is the visual.

  4. The pain is one-sided throbbing character and increases with physical activity is moderate to severe character. It is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, anorexia .

  5. Phase migraine recovery : duration varies from hours to days. In most cases no treatment effective pain decreases gradually over a period of hours. In some cases, it disappears when sleeping or when vomiting, as previously mentioned.

  6. With migraine may occur symptoms of irritability variables, change in ability to concentrate, hypersensitivity to touch the scalp and depressive symptoms or, conversely, symptoms of euphoria, weakness or muscle pain, anorexia or anxiety by eating.

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