Causes of headache upon awakening

Causes of headache upon awakening

Causes of headache upon awakening
Do not need much to ruin a day that could be promising, headache upon awakening , for example, can spoil your mood and this problem is not so rare. The morning headaches affect at least 5% of the world population, with women between 40 and 50 years are the hardest hit. In this article, umComo shows you the causes of headache upon awakening so that identifying the cause you can find the solution, even in our site!


  1. The headache upon awakening can be caused by cranial disorders, in regions of the neck and jaws. This way you can be the result of grinding teeth, tension during sleep, chew very or any other action that forces too jaws. This mechanism is known as bruxism , it is when too much stress the jaw during sleep or even during the day.
  2. Stress can also be a cause in this case, stress can cause even greater complications during sleep, causing nightmares , sleep paralysis , a sleepless night and the very headache upon awakening. For this, in umComo we have articles to help you cope with stress , for a good night's sleep.
  3. If the headaches upon awakening become recurrent, they are likely to have other complications like nausea and vomiting. When they happen, it can be a sign of a dangerous condition and a doctor should be consulted, do not let the morning headaches become a detrimental factor in your life.
  4. However, most headache (clinical name for headaches) do not indicate more serious problems but can occur as a consequence of them and in these cases they are accompanied by other symptoms of which you should be aware.
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