Almost all of us have had a headache . There are headaches of various intensities and durations, and some other harmless and can lead to death. 
Learn some tips to combatheadaches or even diagnose their origin or signs of headachesdangerous.
Most headaches are simple muscle contractions or caused by tension. The headache can spread throughout the area of the head. You can still feel an almost crippling pain, a kind of grip on the head or even the feeling you will lose consciousness. Many people complain that they feel like they have something tied to the head.
It is known that several people are born with a predisposition to have headaches , while others feel headaches only by stress or worries, while others rarely feel.

11 muscle exercises to alleviate or eliminate the headaches:

Next to a mirror, here are some exercises that you can perform:
- Eyebrows up and down - raise the eyebrows and quickly relax and leave them to download.
- Right eyebrow up and down. This exercise can be difficult to accomplish so hold the other eyebrow while trying to accomplish.
- Left eyebrow up and down.
- Close both eyes tightly while and relax - do it quickly, hold on a bit and relax.
- Franza lot and relax - Purse eyebrows in the bridge of his nose steering.
- Yawn well and then close your mouth -Open your mouth slowly, gradually lowering the jaw to have his mouth open. Then close slowly.
- Open your mouth and move to the left and right - slightly open mouth and slide the right jaw to the left and then from left to right.
- Franza the nose up, as if to smell something.
- Grimace - improvise as when I was a kid.
When the headaches mean more serious problems:
The headaches caused by tension, which many people usually have, are harmless.But other times, the headaches can mean serious diseases. Know the danger signs:
- It has more than 40 years and had never had headaches so persistent. 
- Headaches reach different points. 
- Headaches are increasingly intense. 
- headaches are becoming more frequent. 
- The pains Head seem to appear for no apparent reason. 
- The headaches restrain their day-to-day and have to miss work. 
- The headaches are accompanied by dizziness, visual impairment or memory loss. 
- The pains head coincide with pain or other health problems.
If you have these symptoms, consult a doctor.
The migraines are more intense and lasting headaches. They are more frequent in women, occupying 70% of cases compared to men. Generally, migrainescause a very strong and throbbing pain on one side or both sides of the head (in 40% of cases). It can be accompanied by vomiting, dizziness, nausea or even tremors.
One of the symptoms that warn the arrival of a migraine may be a distorted view, images "floating" or an arm or leg numb.
These can completely incapacitate a person, so they need to miss work and fail to perform their daily tasks.
Tips for headaches
And then, here are 38 more tips for headaches or migraines:

Take a few pills for headaches:

For those with sporadic headaches, do not abuse the tablets. One or two aspirin or any anti-inflammatory perfectly serve to eliminate a headache. Abusing the dosage will only make matters worse!

Take the tablets immediately:

So feel the onset of a headache, do not hesitate and immediately take an aspirin or anti-inflammatory, for best results.

Prevent headaches doing physical exercise:

It is one of the effective measures to prevent the headache, since stress is a major cause of such pain and exercise one of the best remedies to prevent it.

Cure headaches doing physical exercise:

For a slight headache, exercise may be enough to calm or even eliminate a headache.

Do not exercise if:

The headache is strong, as it would add to the headaches, especially if it is a migraine.
Sleep is good for headaches

Sleeping is a great remedy for pain:

Sleep is the best cure for almost all pains including headaches.

Oversleeping can be bad for headaches:

Should avoid sleeping too much is usually have headaches, as this could trigger the beginning of sorrows.

Napping can be good or bad:

You can delete a headache with a good nap, but may call a case of headache not have and choose to rest.

Sleep properly:

The best way to avoid sleep and wake up with a headache is belly up. Sleeping in an awkward position, especially on the stomach, may be enough to make him wake up with an unwanted headache.

Sitting correctly:

Good posture while sitting and avoid having his head always facing the same side, are following tips to avoid a headache.

Cold can help:

Put something cold on his forehead or neck is something that makes many people feel better.

And heat can also help:

Others prefer a nice hot shower or feel heat in the neck.

Deep breath:

Relieve the tension in your head deep breath and will to do it properly if your stomach moving more than your chest.

Observe your body:

Teeth or clenched fists and hunched shoulders may be warning signs for stress and future headaches.

Learn "biofeedback":

Some "biofeedback" courses will teach you new techniques of how to handle and relieve their strongest headaches.

Use your hands:

The use of self-massage can bring immediate relief. There are two main areas that help to alleviate their headaches, which should press for a few seconds: the muscle of the hands, which is situated between the index finger and the thumb, and the bottom area of ​​bone area at the back of the neck.


It is an old technique, which consists of placing a tissue around the head, since this decreases the flow of blood which arrives at the head and therefore alleviates the throbbing of migraine and pressure.

Rose in her mouth:

No, not to put a cross rose in her mouth, but relax and put a pencil without the bite.

Do not wear perfume:

Intense smells like perfume, are a potential initiator of headaches.

Make love:

Having sex can cause headaches, calls headaches for effort. They are most likely people who tend to have migraines.

Tranquil destinations:

A quiet place and without excessive noise is ideal to soothe or prevent the headaches.

Protect your eyes:

Intense light may cause headaches. When you have the need to squint, this will cause eye strain and eye strain, causing often headaches. Wear sunglasses outside and inside use glasses with some degree of darkening and take breaks regularly working with a computer.
Caffeine can increase the headaches


Do not consume caffeine dose that is used may cause headache. Too much coffee is also something to avoid. It is advised to no more than two cups of coffee a day.

Chewing gum:

The repetitive motion of chewing chewing gum can compress the muscles and cause a headache for tension.


Many people get migraines with high intake of salty foods.

Meals hours:

Delayed or missed meals, may cause headache. A meal out of hours or failed cause tension in the muscles, getting the blood vessels of the brain under pressure when the sugar in the blood falls, for lack of food. When eating again, the blood vessels of the brain no longer pressed, may cause a headache. Eat small, frequent meals.

Dangerous foods:

You may experience more headaches when eating certain types of food. You should therefore check what the most harm.

Alcoholic beverages:

The alcohol intake is something to avoid.

Mustard and hot dogs:

In addition to being taking care of your diet will prevent a headache caused by nitrates in cured meats, which are dilate blood vessels.

Chinese food:

Many Chinese dishes are steeped in MSG. Many people do not properly absorb this nutrient, causing headaches.


The tyramine present in chocolate can lead to the onset of a headache.

Nuts and cheeses:

Two more foods containing tyramine, going to the list of foods to avoid.
Smoking can cause or increase the headaches


Smoking by itself can trigger headaches. Smoking while driving can double as carbon monoxide, which has negative effects on the blood reaches the brain.


Liqueurs and cocktails may contain tyramine, the nutrient present in many foods that can cause headaches.

Ice cream:

Care to eat ice cream. One bite stronger in something cold or temperature differences in your mouth, may be sufficient to get a headache.

Calm and serenity:

The calm and serenity are the opposite of stress, and therefore factors to take into account.

Relax with the mind:

View the tense muscles of his neck. Then, try to relax them with the mind.


Have good sense of humor and not be in bad man, just something positive for body and mind.


Being in high altitudes can trigger headaches. If travel to go somewhere that is at a high altitude, we recommend a dose 3000-5000 milligrams of vitamin C the day before and every day of the trip and even take two aspirins a day, on the same days taking Vitamin C. (Consult your doctor if you take such doses of vitamin C).

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